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Avocado Health Benefit lists lowering cholesterol & heart diseases


Avocado Facts The avocados fruit is pear shaped with leather like skin. They have a green-yellow creamy flesh rich in fat content. Avocado benefits you in health as well as when you are down with ailments. Here are some interesting avocado facts: There...
Apricots is a good source of calories


Apricot: In Brief Apricot is a small orange colored fruit with a skin resembling velvet. It is very sweet and contains good amounts of kalium and vitamin A and C. Apricot tree ripened fruits taste the best. Dried apricots are rich in potassium...
Apple Nutritional Benefits involves minerals, Vitamin C & B complex


Health Benefits of Apples Apple skin contains compounds and fiber that help the digestive tract and also relieve constipation. Another ingredient found in apples is boron. It helps in strengthening your bones and protects you from osteoporosis. The...
Acai Berries benefits in boosting body energy & building immunity power

Acai Berries

What is Acai Berry? Acai berry is a round purple colored fruit that resembles a black grape in size and appearance. Acai berries bear lesser pulp which has a high fatty anti oxidant content and constitute nearly eighty percent seeds. Acai berry...