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Home Remedies for Angina

What is Angina?

Angina is a condition causedTightness feeling and pain in chest are symptom of angina when supply of oxygen rich blood to the heart becomes restricted. Angina is usually felt in the chest, but may also be felt in shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw or back.

Pain and discomfort can be seen as common symptoms. Pain usually starts in the chest behind the breastbone. People who have the condition usually experience symptoms of angina like pain, heaviness or tightness in middle of the chest.

Causes of angina include factors such as age, gender, inactivity, smoking, and health conditions such as obesity, anemia and high blood cholesterol levels.

Natural Home Remedies for Angina

  • One tablespoon of onion juice every morning on an empty stomach proves to be very effective in angina relief.
  • Grapes provide strength to your heart. Juice of grapes reduces the risk of having heart attack, angina pain and increased breath.
  • Indian gooseberry is natural source of vitamin B. It can be taken in either juice or powdered form. It is helpful in preventing heart diseases.
  • Take some fresh leaves of Holy Basil and extract some juice. Mix it with warm water and add some honey to it. It is considered to be one of the most effective angina natural remedy.
  • Two pieces of garlic everyday with milk is very effective in treating angina and other heart problems.
  • Fill a tablespoon with almond oil. Mix it properly with rose oil and apply it over your chest.
  • Take some warm water and mix drops of honey. Take this with half piece of lemon every morning and at night. It is helpful in clearing your blood vessels and gives you beneficial results.
  • One tablespoon of lemon juice after meals on a regular basis is helpful in avoiding accumulation of cholesterol and it prevents blockage in blood vessels. It is one of the easiest remedies for angina.

All the above remedies are very natural and beneficial. These natural remedies provide immediate relief and are available easily. Home remedies for angina can prove effective in bringing about substantial relief from symptoms.

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