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Home Remedies for Anxiety

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is your brain’sBrain chemistry and bad life experiences lead to an anxiety cause way of coping with stress. A normal amount of stress is helpful in dealing with a tense situation. Anxiety often occurs without identifiable triggers. Excessive anxiety over a period of time can turn into an anxiety disorder.

Many researchers believe that environmental and physical triggers can combine and create anxiety. A single event or situation cannot be laid as an anxiety cause.

Anxiety symptoms can be experienced both physically and psychologically. Psychological symptoms include irritability, disorientation, loss of concentration, tightness in chest, muscle twitching and numbness.

Physical symptoms consist of sweating, headaches, breath shortness, insomnia, faster heartbeats and upset stomach including other physical signs.

Natural Home Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety that is moderate to mild in nature can be very much treated at home through effective natural remedies and treatments for anxiety.

  • Tea contains medical properties that can reduce anxiety and calm your mind and body. Consume black tea thrice a day for effective results.
  • Breathing techniques can be used to naturally treat anxiety and reduce the amount of stress from daily life. Deep breathing methods can be learned quickly and implemented daily to reduce anxiety.
  • Exercise is a great way to burn off extra energy that can bring about anxiety. You can walk, jog, do your stairs or do enjoyable physical chores to reduce anxiety.
  • Vitamin supplements that include calcium, B complex and magnesium can help you a great deal in managing and controlling anxiety.
  • Take a hot bath or cold bath as per your comfort to relieve yourself from the affects of anxiety.
  • Anxiety herbal remedy can be found in aromatherapy which include essential oils that tender a feeling of calmness and can induce a sense of mental and physical well being.
  • A diet that is less in sugar content can be very useful if you are more prone to anxiety attacks.

A healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables combined with a healthy lifestyle go a long way in keeping you free of anxiety. All of these combined together can act as aids to various home remedies for anxiety.

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