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Home Remedies for Belching

What is Belching?

Belching or burping is the Man hold his stomach due acidity which is causing painrelease of gas, usually from your mouth (often accompanied by a typical audible sound and/or odor). When you eat foods or drink water and liquids or even when you talk, you swallow air too.

This air gets trapped in your stomach and then a buildup of this air (in the form of gas) gets released from your mouth that results in belching.

In formal situations, loud belching causes embarrassment and is considered as impolite. Drinking carbonated drinks such as soda can also cause belching as they contain carbon dioxide gas.

Although burping occurs in people of all ages, belching symptoms are more common and can cause problems in babies while feeding. One of the belching causes is acidity as it promotes gas build up in the stomach.

Belching remedies can easily help relieve, manage and treat your condition. Try these simple remedies and natural treatments for belching.

Home Remedies for Belching

Chewing some fresh raw mint leaves after a meal is a natural belching remedy that helps neutralize acidity, relieve acidity problems and prevent subsequent gas formation.

Prepare these simple and natural treatments at home:

  • Consume cold milk as it helps bring down levels of acidity, relieves burning sensation and limits gas formation. Milk is considered a preventive home remedy for belching.
  • Asafetida checks buildup of gases in the stomach and also helps safely expel existing gas trapped in your stomach. Swallow raw asafetida seeds with water as it is among effective home remedies for belching.
  • A dry mouth promotes swallowing of air which can lead to belching. Drink sufficient amounts of water so your mouth stays wet and lubricated. This is among natural belching remedies.
  • Avoid over-eating, spicy foods and canned or stale foods as these items (lead to gas formation) are more likely to cause and aggravate belching symptoms.
  • A simple home remedy for belching is to avoid eating too quickly as the foods are not properly chewed, creating digestive problems and leading to gas formation. While eating, avoid talking as it makes you swallow more air and cause belching.
  • Garlic is another belching home remedy that you can safely follow. Eat raw garlic clove on an empty stomach each morning to alleviate belching problems.

These belching remedies are simple to follow, are effective, and will help balance your digestive system and avoid recurrent belching.

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