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Home Remedies for Blocked Milk Duct

What is Blocked Milk Duct?

When milk in your breasts Mother feeding her baby and regular feeding avoid the clogged milk duct formationdoes not get drained completely on a daily basis, you can suffer from blocked milk duct. A white spot appears at the end of your nipple as skin cells grow, cover and plug it. This type of blockage can be treated easily through simple remedies.

Blocked milk duct causes also include blockage that can occur when there is a swollen lump in your breast (as tissue around the milk duct get inflamed) which compresses and blocks the duct.

Natural Home Remedies for Blocked Milk Duct

You can alleviate associated symptoms by increasing the frequency of breastfeeding your baby. This can help regularize milk flow from the ducts. Another option is to make use of a breast pump for draining excess milk from your breast after feeding the baby.

  • Vitamin C helps boost your immune system to defend against inflammation, infections and stress – factors that can lead to blocked or clogged milk duct.
  • A diet consisting of citrus fruits (such as orange, lemon) is a steady source of vitamin C. It helps in natural blocked milk duct treatment, and prevention.
  • Improper latching can possibly cause uneven milk drainage from the ducts or lead to blockage, so hold your baby as close to the breast as possible for proper latching. Feeding your baby in different positions will help avoid clogging the milk duct and ensure even usage of the ducts.
  • Lecithin is rich in polyunsaturated fats that keep milk from crystallizing and avoid blocked milk duct in breast as it helps milk ducts stay clog free. Talk with your doctor for complete breastfeeding associated benefits of lecithin supplement.
  • Grate a refrigerated potato into a mash and apply the mash (on blocked milk duct) for ten minutes to relieve blocked milk duct symptoms such as pain and inflammation.
  • Make a warm compress with cabbage leaf (put it in a microwave). Gently press the warm leaf on your breast to relieve clogged milk duct. Heat emanating from the leaf will help relieve clogged nipples, repeat compress as and when required.

A gentle breast massage is among simple yet effective home remedies for blocked milk duct as it helps alleviate pain and sores associated with blocked ducts. Take castor oil (one teaspoonful) and massage with this oil gently on your breast and milk duct, prior to and also after breastfeeding.

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