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Home Remedies for Bone Spur

What is Bone Spur?

Bone spur or osteophyte is aApply ice packs to facilitate blood flow in and around bone spur area small bony projection that can form along joints of your bone. The most likely areas where bone spurs develop are at the meeting points or attachments of ligaments or tendons.

Formations are mainly due to natural changes in your body that can be brought about by causes of bone spur such as aging, the way your body handles calcium, degeneration of tissues and other changes in your body that are physiological.

Symptoms of bone spur include swelling and pain that can result when there is friction between bone spurs and other bones in the surrounding area.

Natural Home Remedies for Bone Spur

Bone spurs can be treated and managed through some simple and easy to follow remedies and natural treatments for bone spur.

  • Apply ice pack softly over affected area and keep gently pressed. You can also use hot or cold packs as these facilitate blood flow to affected areas and can help in bone spur natural treatments.
  • An effective bone spur home remedy is to make a hot pack of flaxseed and apply it on the bone spur to get substantial relief from the pain.
  • If you want to relieve pain associated with bone spur of your heel, you can take footbath with hot and cold water, alternatively. This is among effective bone spur home remedies.
  • Use this treatment for bone spur to obtain relief from pain caused by bone spurs. Prepare and apply a cloth bandage (after dipping it in warm linseed oil) to the bone spur and use a heating pad over the bandage to get relief.
  • You can try to prevent bone spur occurrence in your feet by avoiding excess pressure exerted on it due to tight fitting shoes. You can also alleviate bone spurs by inserting soft pads in your shoes.
  • A beneficial and effective among natural remedies for bone spur is oral intake of turmeric powder. You can consume one teaspoon turmeric powder (take it with a glassful of water) thrice daily. Healing properties of turmeric helps alleviate pain and also aids in bone spur sure.
  • Try to lose excess weight. This will lead to a decrease in undue pressure exerted on the affected bone spur of your foot.

Home remedies for bone spur can aid in achieving respite from, and bring about improvement in the condition to a good extent. In case of severe bone spurs with excessive pain or with potential of damaging surrounding nerves, you should consult with your doctor.

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