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Home Remedies for Bruises

Bruises: In Brief

Bruises or contusions are Natural home remedies can be used to get relieve from symptoms of bruisesinjuries caused to tissue of your skin. Most often, it discolors skin temporarily. Symptoms of bruises are characterized by skin that becomes a bit reddish in color which changes to dark blue or purple after a few hours.

A fresh bruise is more often tender and leads to some amount of pain for a couple of days at the most. As the bruise fades, the pain lessens with it. Causes of bruises include mild trauma including bumping or banging into objects, and is a common form of injury.

Home Remedies for Bruises

Take a look at these remedial measures which you can safely use to heal bruises naturally. Minor bruises can be treated easily. Home and natural remedies for bruises can help you treat bruises effectively in the comforts of your home.

Note: Before starting on any of the below listed remedies, clean the bruise gently using soap with cold water, once done, wipe affected area with a soft, dry and clean towel.

  • Take appropriate rest so that the bruised area heals faster. This will also prevent further discoloration or injury.
  • Use vinegar as an effective natural remedy for bruises to clear the pooled blood and promote circulation at the affected skin surface. Mix some vinegar to warm water and apply dabs on the bruise to escalate healing.
  • To get rid of bruises such as inflammation, use fresh parsley leaves as a remedy. Crush the leaves and spread them on the bruise. After a minute, wrap a bandage over the area.
  • A day after ice pack application, treat the bruise by applying a heat pad for twenty minutes. This natural treatment for bruises will loosen up the pooled blood by increasing blood circulation in the affected area.
  • An effective home remedy for bruises is to secure the bruised area with an elastic band. This prevents further injury and also helps prevent blood vessels from becoming leaky.
  • Applying flexible gel filled ice packs to bruises also promotes fast healing. Re-apply at ten minute intervals so that the skin tissues are spared from getting numb.

These home remedies for bruises are easy to follow, prepare, and economical too. Do not scratch the bruise as it can lead to further infection. In case your bruise causes concern please consult your doctor.

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