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Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

Know Burning Tongue

Burning tongue is also termed as Increasing water intake, taking ice cube, having fruits and vegetable juice helps is curing burning tongueorodynia or glossodynia. You may experience acute pain following burning tongue which can stay for days or weeks. It mainly affects middle aged people.

You may have pain and burning sensation at the tip or back of the tongue along with similar sensation in other parts of your mouth and lips.

You may suffer from symptoms of burning tongue but still not have any visible signs that can be diagnosed. The condition of burning tongue causes pain and burning sensations in your mouth that is more or less persistent.

Natural Home Remedies for Burning Tongue

With effective remedies that are easy and safe to follow, it is easy to relieve symptoms when you have a burning tongue.

  • An effective burning tongue remedy is to put piece of ice in the mouth and suck it. This is among effective remedy and natural treatment for burning tongue.
  • Promote water intake during this condition. Drink water throughout the day as it helps maintain proper moistness in the mouth. It is a beneficial home remedy that can aid as a burning tongue natural treatment.
  • Consume fresh fruit and vegetable juice while you suffer from the condition of burning tongue. These juices contain nutrients that can also help in relieving the burning sensation.
  • Burning tongue causes discomfort. Apply glycerin directly on your tongue to get soothing relief from associated pain and burning sensation. This is a home remedy for burning tongue that can give quick results.
  • With antiseptic properties, lavender oil can be applied to promote blood circulation. Leave overnight to take effect.
  • To achieve relief from burning tongue, an effective remedy is to mix two teaspoonful of honey with a glass of cool milk and consume it at night. This will facilitate increased flow of blood to your tongue and promote healing.
  • Eat plain food and boiled vegetables as this will aid in healing of burning tongue. You can also chew gum that is sugar free to keep your tongue moist.

Also try increasing consumption of foods that are rich in vitamin B content such as bananas, potatoes, liver oil, tuna fish, lentils, chili peppers, liver and turkey meat.

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