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Home Remedies for Burns

Common Burns

A burn is damage to yourMark of burn on child’s left cheek body tissue caused by exposure to fire, heat, chemicals, electricity, light or radiation. Burns are of three types, depending on severity of damage to the tissue – first degree, second degree and third degree.

First degree burns are not serious and can heal in a short period. Second degree burns are severe as the damage is deep into the skin layer.

Third degree burns damage all layers of your skin, are very painful, health threatening and can prove fatal.

Burns are a very common form of injury. Keep home remedies in mind so that you can attend burns quickly as a form of first aid.

Natural Home Remedies for Burns

Use these effective remedies to treat burns in an easy to follow, safe, economical and natural way.

  • First aid remedy for burns is to apply ice on affected area. If possible, immerse or dip affected part in cold water for duration of ten minutes.
  • An effective natural remedy for burns is applying honey to affected area. Thereafter, cover the area with bandage.
  • A fast and effective, initial treatment to relieve symptoms of burns is to place a slice of cut onion over the burn. This will help provide quick relief.
  • Egg whites can be used as cure for burns. Separate the egg white and batter it before applying over the affected area.
  • For minor burns, yogurt can be used for treatment. Dab yogurt on burnt area, let it stay for ten minutes and then rinse off with water. This helps cool and soothe the burnt area.
  • An effective home remedy for burns on finger tip is to grip your ear lobe tightly. This action will help relieve the pain.
  • Dilute vinegar can also be applied to treat burns. It is among effective cure for burns as it aids in healing the burns.
  • Use natural treatment for burns such as freshly cut aloe vera leaf or gel. Apply the cut leaf with the exposed part or dab some gel or aloe vera oil on the burnt area.

Prepare some papaya pulp and apply on affected area. Enzymes in the pulp can provide relief for burns by promoting healing of the wound. This is among beneficial home remedies for burns.

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