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Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The median nerve is responsible Man holds his wrist tightly to relief the carpal tunnel syndrome painfor providing feeling and movement to thumb side of your hand. This includes your thumb, middle finger, index finger, palm and half of the ring finger.

The carpal tunnel is part of your wrist where the median nerve enters your hand. As this tunnel area is very narrow, swelling therein can put pressure on the nerve, leading to pain and numbness. There may also be a tingling sensation along with weakness. This is among the basic causes of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome signs may include a weak grip, numbness and tingling in your palms and fingers, pain in the hands or wrists, weakness in either or both your hands.

Natural Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Most often, you experience carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms when there is overuse of your carpal region. So it is important to give due attention to this affected area.

These simple remedies and treatments can help you get relief from CTS and also aid you in working towards treating carpal tunnel syndrome naturally.

  • To reduce swelling in tissues that occur in carpal tunnel syndrome, eat pineapple as it contains bromelain. You can also take bromelain enzyme supplements. Continue intake for several weeks until you see improvement in your condition (as results can take time and show up gradually). This is among beneficial carpal tunnel syndrome natural remedies.
  • Massaging with herbal oils is also very useful. Regular massage on your arm, wrist and forearm with herbal oil can prove helpful in reducing discomforts. This is an effective carpal tunnel syndrome natural treatment.
  • By properly stretching the hand and the wrists where the problem can truly set in, you can find this a helpful home remedy for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • With proper stretching exercise of your hand and wrists, you can alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome difficulties. Gradually spread your fingers (both hands) slowly apart, let it stay in this position for about four to eight seconds. Repeat same exercise four to five times as it is among effective home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome.

As CTS occurs mainly due to overexertion that leads to additional pressure on your median nerves, acupressure can play an important role in treating CTS naturally.

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