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Home Remedies for Chafing

What is Chafing?

Chafing is irritation of your skinDrinking water in good amount daily is a good remedy for chafing when there is continuous rubbing of the skin through friction. The most likely parts of your body where chafing can occur are your groins, areas of your underarm and other parts of your body.

When you have chafing, it causes discomfort and this can be treated by following simple remedies and prevention measures that help achieve relief and comfort from symptoms of chafing.

Continuous friction caused by excessive sweating or moist skin is the basic among causes of chafing. Obesity is another reason as overweight people have sagged skin that can cause skin friction.

Natural Home Remedies for Chafing

You can easily follow these effective and beneficial remedies to get relief from chafing symptoms. In addition, these remedies can also help you manage chafing effectively.

  • Chafing remedies include drinking good amounts of water throughout the day as this will help maintain proper balance of water in your body and also keep your body well hydrated. This is a beneficial home remedy for chafing.
  • Prevention is a key part of remedial measures for chafing. Try wearing clothes that use pure cotton fabric. This will help in avoiding causes of chafing such as skin friction with clothes. Wear clothes appropriate to the activity.
  • Wear clothing that do not promote chafing such as dry and clean clothing as dirty clothes, dried sweat, chemicals along with other debris can cause skin irritation. This measure will aid in natural treatment for chafing.
  • Vitamin A and C supplements can be had as part of natural chafing remedies.  These vitamins contain nutrients that help your body in enhancing skin moisture and aid in relieving pain that is caused when dry skin rubs with the clothes you wear.
  • As a temporary measure, use talcum powder or petroleum jelly on areas with symptoms of chafing as it can act as lubricant and reduce friction. These lubricants are also useful in preventing chafing in areas that get easily irritated such as your forearm and inner parts of your thighs.
  • An effective chafing home remedy is aloe vera. Apply juice from the aloe plant on the affected part to get fast relief from symptoms of chafing such as itching and redness of skin. Aloe vera also contains nutrients that help treat chafing naturally by repairing the skin damage.

The above home remedies for chafing can be used to get substantial relief from related discomfort and also achieve positive results.

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