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Home Remedies for Common Cold

Know about Common Cold

The common cold is an infectiousWoman having common cold symptoms viral disease caused by several viruses. Rhinovirus is among one of the most widespread common cold causes. Just being in the vicinity of an affected sneezing person can give you an infection.

It is mostly seasonal in nature and incidences of common cold infection increase dramatically in winter when the air is dry. The common cold affects people of all ages but occurs more frequently in children as their immune system is not as developed.

Common cold symptoms usually are mild and in many cases may resolve in a week. But the infection may stay longer in some individuals and require remedial measures. A common cold causes you to have a runny nose, sore throat, cough, congested nose, sneezing, headache or even fever.

Natural Home Remedies for Common Cold

You can face a range of discomforts during a common cold infection. These common cold symptoms can be easily relieved. To achieve this, you can follow some simple and effective common cold home remedies.

  • You also take zinc lozenges as it has been found to give substantial relief from common cold symptoms.
  • You should drink good amount of fluids as part of common cold natural treatment. Try to drink eight glasses of water or juice daily. This will keep your body well hydrated and mucus will be cleared easily as lining of your nose and throat stay moisturized.
  • Another remedy for treating common cold naturally includes taking aid of an air humidifier to keep your nasal passages moist, especially in winter months as the heating system turns air inside the home dry.
  • An effective among home remedies for common cold is chicken soup. Hot (but tolerable) chicken soup helps in many ways including loosening up your mucus which helps clear the air passages and alleviating symptoms by acting as a natural treatment.
  • A study concluded that gargling with water thrice a day helps to prevent infections to the upper respiratory tract.

Vitamin C is among one of the oldest common cold natural remedies. It boosts your immune system, thus helps fight common cold infections too. Include citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and grapefruit in your diet as these contain vitamin C in abundant amounts.

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