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Home Remedies for Earache

Earache Problem

When you experience pain, Girl hold her head and ear which is giving soothing painache or discomfort in any one or both of your ears it is called an earache. The medical name for earache is otalgia. Earache can be caused due to an infection, injury or irregular pressure.

Ear infection, irregular pressure in eardrums, tooth infection, foreign object, jaw arthritis, growth of fungus in the ear and wax buildup are some of the causes of earache that can make you experience a range of discomfort and pain.

The most common among symptoms of earache consists of a mild or severe continuous itching in the ear. In addition, you may experience varying degree of pain, a temporary loss of hearing or hearing continuous ringing or buzzing sounds.

Natural Home Remedies for Earache

Earaches are fairly easy to treat provided you are aware of useful remedies that treat earache, available and within your reach right in your home.

  • Heat a teaspoon of sesame oil containing a clove of garlic. Let the oil warm and apply three drops in the infected ear. Lie for ten minutes in same position.
  • Warm some licorice in pure ghee. Prepare a paste and apply it around outside of your ear. Let it stay for ten minutes. This is an effective natural remedy for earache.
  • Mix ajwain oil (Bishop’s weed) one part with three parts of sesame oil. Warm on a low flame and apply three drops in each ear.
  • Put five cloves of garlic in linseed oil and boil to form a concoction. Filter the prepared oil and store in a glass bottle. Apply three drops of oil once in the morning and evening around your ears. You should see positive results in few short days.
  • Make an incision into the trunk of a banana plant and collect the oozing liquid. Warm it up and put three drops in each ear before going to bed. This is a recognized sure shot natural treatment for earache.
  • Four drops of warm mustard oil in both the ears will bring soothing relief from the earache. This is among tested home remedies for earache.
  • Mash some tender mango leaves and extract the liquid. Warm it up a bit and put in both the ears to acquire quick earache relief.

As a remedy, you can also instill a few drops of fresh ginger juice into your ears for quick earache relief. Ginger acts as a natural painkiller in this case.

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