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Home Remedies for Eczema

What is Eczema?

The term eczema is used for Home remedies can help in curing eczemaa range of skin conditions where the skin becomes itchy and swollen. It is a chronic skin condition that can cause a range of discomforts related to your skin.

Although eczema can affect people of any age group, children and infants are more prone to it. Eczema is non-contagious (does not spread from personal contact).

Eczema symptoms include irritated, itchy skin that can form blisters, skin rash and even peel. Causes of eczema such as atopic dermatitis, which is the commonest type of this skin condition, include skin hypersensitivity (due to certain allergens).

Natural Home Remedies for Eczema

Treating your eczema in a natural and safe way, home remedies are beneficial, economic and easy to follow.

  • Before bathing, put instant soaking oatmeal pack into warm bath water. This is an effective eczema home remedy.
  • Alternatively, you can prepare oatmeal paste by adding water and apply it on affected skin as part of eczema natural treatment.
  • Soak affected parts in water after adding cider vinegar (half cup) and sunflower oil (one third cup) to your bath water. Among effective natural eczema remedies, it can show improvement on regular usage.
  • Prepare and apply a very mild mudpack over skin parts that are affected by eczema. This is a widely used remedy that can aid eczema natural treatment.
  • Skin with eczema responds well to eczema home treatment such as moisturizers. Make use of a lotion that is hypo-allergic throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Apply a skin friendly petroleum jelly just after you finish bathing as your skin is wet and readily aids soaking. A well moisturized skin helps healing this condition better.  This is among beneficial home remedies for eczema.
  • Take an aloe vera plant leaf. Extract some juice by breaking the leaf. Dab this extract onto eczema affected parts of your skin throughout the day. This is among effectual eczema natural remedies.

Keep your body hydrated by consuming at least ten glasses of water. Taking other fluids will also do more good as these measures can help in keeping your skin moisturized and alleviate ailments associated with eczema.

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