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Home Remedies for Edema

Know Edema

Edema, also called dropsy Causes of edema include more salt consumption and medicine reactionsis fluid retention that causes pronounced swelling in your body. This swelling can occur in the between cells and tissues or in the circulatory system of your body.

Edema commonly affects your feet, legs, ankles, hands and face. Although edema can affect any age group, it is more prevalent in aged adults and pregnant women.

Eating too much salt, pregnancy, certain medicines and sitting or standing in a single position for extended period are among some of the causes of edema.

Natural Home Remedies for Edema

Manage and treat your edema symptoms with these natural, edema home remedies. These remedial measures are easy to follow, safe, beneficial and economical.

  • Warm some quantity of mustard oil in a vessel. Apply this warm oil on part of swelling by gently massaging for some time so that the oil gets absorbed and provides relief. This is a beneficial home treatment for edema.
  • Carbohydrates have high water content. Limit your per day carbohydrate intake. Try to maintain a diet that is rich in protein and fat content.
  • Natural edema remedies include mustard seeds. Soak some for thirty minutes in plain water. Apply this mustard water on swollen parts of your body. This remedy proves beneficial especially if you suffer from swelling on your face.
  • Salt consumption leads to water retention by your body and exacerbate symptoms. Abstain from salt up to a time you recover from edema. Avoid packaged foods too, as these contain excess salt.
  • A good home remedy for edema is to apply apple cider vinegar over your swelling.  This will aid in reducing body swelling and provide relief from associated edema signs such as itching.
  • Flax seed oil can help naturally manage edema, especially in treating facial edema. Add flax seed oil in food preparations as it is among useful home remedies for edema.
  • Exercising on a daily basis will help in getting rid of excess body water through sweat and urination as it helps in tuning your body functions.

Try to follow these remedies for gaining maximum advantage and obtaining satisfactory relief from edema.

In some cases, you can even try the remedies mentioned above to treat edema naturally. To achieve this, follow the remedies as directed.

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