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Home Remedies for Fever

Fever: High Body Temperature

Fever is an increase in your bodyMother checks her daughter forehead with hand to know fever effects temperature, a protective immune mechanism that fights infection and disease. Body temperature above 98.6˚ Fahrenheit (38˚ Celsius) is considered as fever.

Fever symptoms such as high body temperature, headache, sweating and weakness signal that your body is engaged in the process of fighting off viral or bacterial infections.

Viral illnesses are among the most common causes of fever. Besides, there are many conditions and diseases that raise the body temperature. Nonetheless, you may suffer from fever for which there is no apparent cause or reason. This is known as FUO (fever of unknown origin).

Natural Home Remedies for Fever

Natural fever treatments and remedies are more and more sought after today because they are safe, effective, affordable, easily available and without any form of side effects.

  • During fever, you lose a substantial amount of water from your body due to high temperatures. Drink water in small amounts throughout the day to compensate the fluid loss. This will also aid in bringing your body temperature down. It is a very good and beneficial fever natural remedy.
  • Eat semi solid foods and drink vegetable soups and fruit juices during the term of your fever. This will make food digestion easy and replenish your body with nutrients.
  • Body weakness can delay your fever. Let your body rest properly to gather energy. This will help in warding off the fever.
  • High fever can be lessened by dabbing a cloth in cold water and placing it on your forehead for two minutes. Do this repeatedly for twenty minutes. This is a tried and tested method among home remedies for fever.
  • If you have a mild fever (Not above 102 degrees Fahrenheit), let it run its course. At these temperatures your body is fighting infections. The fever will most likely subside by itself.
  • Prepare fresh ginger and raisin paste by mixing ten grams each. Add this mixture to one glass of water, keep for an hour and boil until quantity is reduced to half. Drink when warm as a natural remedy for fever.
  • Immerse a handful of tamarind tree leaves with two pinch of turmeric in cold water. Let it stay overnight and drink in early morning. This is an effective natural treatment for fever.
  • Let a hundred grams of raisin remain in half a cup of water overnight. Crush in same water in the morning, strain and add one tablespoon lime juice. Consume twice a day.
  • For common fever, consume five to six oranges throughout the day. This will give an energy boost to your body and help relieve your fever.

Note: Following fever, if symptoms like vomiting, unusual high temperature, breathing difficulty, or pain in the abdomen persist, seek immediate medical help.

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