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Home Remedies for Freckles

Freckles: Facial Health Issue

Freckles occur when there Avoid tanning and exposing your skin to the sun to keep away from getting frecklesis an abnormal concentration of melanin pigment in your skin. These appear as dark colored, flat, spot like tiny formations that are visible on your skin surface. Freckles are light brown or tan colored and more apparent in people with a fair skin.

Causes of freckles include over exposure to sunlight and tanning that results in, melanocytes getting damaged in your skin.

Remedial measures can help you get substantial relief from freckles and also help you in removing those thus aiding natural treatments for freckles.

Natural Home Remedies for Freckles

These remedial face packs are easy to prepare and apply on your face. These remedies may possibly help you treat freckles naturally with regular application.  Once the face pack dries, you can wash it off with plain water.

  • Among beneficial remedies used in natural treatment for freckles is taking a tablespoonful of lentils and soaking them in plain water for three hours. Grind into a coarse paste after draining off the water. To this paste mix five drops of fresh lime juice.
  • This is a good freckles home remedy. Fill a tablespoon with honey. Extract fresh lime juice and mix a few drops with the honey. Add one pinch of table salt to this mixture and apply to get relief from freckles symptoms.
  • Take some orange peels and dry them. Grind to a powder form. Add rose water to orange peel powder and make a fine paste. This freckles home remedy helps bring improvement to scaly skin as well as cleansing your skin.
  • Soak one seed of Indian blackberry (jambul) overnight in water. In the morning, rub the seed on a clean stone. Collect and apply the residue liquid on pimples, spots or blemishes. Leave it to dry for fifteen minutes before washing with water. Continue for some days until you notice improvement. This is among effective home remedies for freckles.
  • Mash a ripe banana, prepare mint leaf paste and blend then together. Dab this paste on your face (the paste should not enter your eyes). Apply regularly to effectively remove freckle and blemishes.
  • Grind tablespoonful of dry pumpkin seeds into powder and mix some olive oil to make into a fine paste. This, among natural freckles remedies, works better for those with dry skin.

Avoid exposing yourself too much in the sun. Also avoid tanning your skin for extended periods as this can result in worsening of your freckles.

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