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Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Hair Loss: A Common Problem

Your scalp loses hair Hair loss causes include stress and medicationson a daily basis and also replaces the same with new hair growth. This is a natural process. But when the loss of hair exceeds hair growth, which may be due to age, disease or other factors, it causes concern.

Hair loss can also follow after thinning of hair. Nonetheless, there are many hair loss causes. These can include stress, fever, poor nutrition, certain medications and heredity.

You can take remedial steps to bring about a decrease in hair loss by adopting natural and home remedies.

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Use these remedies to prevent hair loss. These natural and home remedies are easy to follow, safe, economical and effective.

  • As a part of hair loss natural treatment you can prepare a juice made by mixing spinach and lettuce juice extract. Consume daily in the morning until you see positive results.
  • Take some black pepper and lime seeds. Grind them and form into a paste. Apply on the scalp as part of hair loss natural remedies.
  • Take some coconut oil, put in some dry Indian gooseberry (amla) pieces and boil. On cooling down, this amla oil can be used as a hair tonic. This is among effective natural hair loss remedies.
  • Extract juice from fresh lime and Indian gooseberry. Take equal amounts of both and mix thoroughly. Apply this preparation on the scalp regularly when you experience hair loss symptoms.
  • Castor oil is also among beneficial home remedies for hair loss. Use castor hair oil to prevent your hair loss.
  • A simple remedy for hair loss is making use of onion. Rub the affected part with thick onion slice every morning and evening until mild redness appears on the rubbed part. Following this, rub affected part with honey.
  • An effective remedy when you experience hair loss is to regularly apply almond oil to your scalp thrice daily.
  • Make a preparation by mixing some lime juice to coconut oil. Apply this oil on your scalp through a gentle massage. This is a beneficial natural treatment for hair loss.

Hair loss concerns can be cared for with these natural remedies. Also, take a nutritive diet for hair loss as it also plays an important part in treating your hair condition.

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