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Home Remedies for Heartburn

What is Heartburn?

When you have a burning Heartburn can be caused due to stressful lifestylesensation in your chest you have heartburn.  Eating spicy foods can trigger heartburn and so can foods with excess oil. Among causes of heartburn are the extra stomach acids or acidity that you experience after you overeat.

You may also have heartburn as result of a stressful lifestyle. Smoking, drinking alcohol, eating out of time and tight clothing are all factors that can give you heartburn. Pain experienced behind the breastbone is one of the most typical symptoms of heartburn.

Natural Home Remedies for Heartburn

Try these remedial options which help reduce acidity levels and help you get substantial relief from the affects of heartburn. These heartburn home treatments and remedies are safe, economical, easy to follow and effective.

Some fruits have soothing effect on the digestion process and act as effective heartburn home remedy. Eat fruits such as banana and water melon to bring down your acidity levels.

  • Almonds can counter the effects of heartburn. Chew raw almonds slowly and you will see your discomfort ease.
  • Consuming freshly extracted juice of raw spinach can help you reduce acidity that results from smoking or through over consumption of alcohol.
  • You can drink almond milk prepared using blanched almonds. It is a useful heartburn natural remedy which neutralizes effects of acidity.
  • Tender coconut water is very effective in treating your heartburn. Drink clear coconut water twice a day to get good relief.
  • Sucking on small pieces of jiggery after every meal and every hour by holding it in your mouth can make it effective in reducing discomforts from heartburn.
  • Boil some cumin seeds in water equal to one glass and consume early in the morning. This remedy is also recommended for heartburn patients.
  • You can get satisfactory relief from acidity problem by drinking fresh pumpkin juice. Add sugar if you need it to taste better.
  • Drink at least twelve glasses water throughout the day. This will help dilute excess acids in your stomach.
  • Drink a full glass of cold plain milk as this is among effective home remedies for heartburn which also helps ease pain associated with heartburn.

Avoid eating spicy foods, chocolates, dairy products and beverages. Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks including tea and coffee as these can trigger heartburn.

Some foods help your digestion and thus aid in relieving heartburn. Include foods with adequate protein and fiber content including lean meat.

Also try to include fruits such as papaya and pineapple to your diet as a combination of these can help you in getting maximum benefit and also quicker relief from symptoms.

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