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Home Remedies for High Cholesterol

What is High Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is producedHaving fresh fruit helps in curing high cholesterol level in your liver and is among one of the important elements of your body. It is a fatty substance that is dark yellow in color.

Cholesterol performs vital body functions such as supplying fat to different parts of the body, strengthening immune system and providing protection to muscle membrane of your body.

As such, high cholesterol symptoms are rare and they are usually identified through blood tests.

Nonetheless, healthy levels of cholesterol should be maintained so that your body functions properly and does not suffer from effects of unhealthy cholesterol.

Causes of high cholesterol include diet, weight and physical activity. These factors can be managed properly through remedial measures to bring about change in cholesterol levels.

Natural Home Remedies for High Cholesterol

There are effective remedial steps and measures, both natural and homemade available, to give you relief from high cholesterol levels.

These remedies can be easily followed to help control high cholesterol and thus live a healthier life.

  • Take two tablespoons of coriander seeds and boil it in water measuring a full glass. Allow the concoction to cool after which you strain the water. Consume this preparation thrice daily. An effective high cholesterol home remedy is to consume a minimum of ten glasses of water per day.
  • In five teacups of water, put eight pieces of cinnamon sticks. While it is boiling, add one tablespoon of honey. Consume this liquid while still warm, twice a day.
  • Consume fenugreek seeds and its sprouts. This helps to manage and control levels of high cholesterol.
  • A beneficial and effective natural remedy for high cholesterol is to mix ten tablespoons apple juice to five tablespoons apple cider vinegar and consume it just once every day.
  • Fill milk in a glass and add a fresh piece of raw garlic to it. Boil and then let it cool before consuming. Take this high cholesterol natural home remedy for a few days to show effects.
  • Another among result oriented home remedies for high cholesterol is to eat three raw garlic cloves every day.
  • Keep small amount of olive oil aside. Prepare green leafy salad and mix the olive oil to it and consume with food. Follow this treatment for high cholesterol levels daily to manage cholesterol levels in your body. It is also said to maintain and promote body and heart functions.
  • Eating plain curd is beneficial for reducing high cholesterol levels. Eat a bowl of curd every day.

A change in your lifestyle and diet can bring about a healthy change in cholesterol levels. Regular physical exercise is important in lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Avoid foods that contain excess amounts of saturated fat such as whole milk, butter, beef, cheese and bacon. As part of your diet for high cholesterol, include foods that contain rich amounts of dietary fiber including fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, rice, wheat, barley and rye.

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