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Home Remedies for Hives

What are Hives?

Urticaria or hives are Hives causes red itching welts and is caused due to allergic reactionraised, red (sometimes itchy) patches and rings that can occur on surface of your skin due to an allergic response by your body.

To treat hives you have to know its root source (the agent or allergen responsible for an allergic reaction).

During an allergic reaction, chemical known as histamine is released by your body into the bloodstream and this can cause hives such as skin irritation and swelling.

Natural Home Remedies for Hives

Among other things, itching welts are one of the main symptoms of hives and some measures such as hives home remedies can be used to take care of this discomfort.

  • For relieving hive related intense itching, take an oatmeal bath. Put half cup of ground oatmeal and mix it into your bath water.
  • Hives natural treatment includes primrose oil. Hives causes red itching welts and applying the oil directly onto the welts can bring substantial relief.
  • Home remedy for hives includes milk of magnesia. It has alkaline properties and upon application serves in relieving from hive itches.
  • Prepare tea by using stinging nettles. Drink this tea preparation to avail of its known anti-inflammatory effects. This is an effective natural remedy for hives.
  • Prepare some tea using chamomile herb as it has been observed to act with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Drink chamomile tea as it is among beneficial home remedies for hives.
  • The uses of aloe vera are many. It can also be applied for getting relief when itching. You can also consume aloe vera gel to tackle body toxins.
  • Consuming turmeric is also effective remedy as it imparts antihistamine effect and aids the body in producing anti-inflammatory corticosteroids.
  • Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon each of vinegar and rosewater. Apply this liquid directly when there is itching on erupted hives.
  • Use oregano herb when suffering from hives (urticaria) for its anti-inflammatory properties which can benefit in hive associated swelling.
  • Apply crushed mint leaves directly on the welts to relieve yourself from hive itching. This is among effective hives natural remedies.

Also, you should try and avoid the sun when you have hives. The heat can worsen the condition and may even cause eruption of hives.

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