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Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are characterized by common side effects of menopause and are experienced Hot Flashes Home & Natural Remedies easily reduce the Symptoms of Hot Flasheswhen your body undergoes changes as a result of hormone level fluctuations. Menopause is among the main causes of hot flashes.

Most women are affected in moderation a result of these changes but some experience severe symptoms of hot flashes that may need medical treatment.

Hot flashes can cause intense hot feeling that is mostly impulsive on your face or body. These may be accompanied with increased heartbeats & sweating. A woman may also experience headaches, weakness and even feel dizzy during hot flashes.

Hot Flashes Remedies & Natural treatment

Whatever your causes, these hot flashes natural treatment & remedial measures can be prepared using natural methods which are easy to follow.

Hot flashes home remedy and treatments can make you feel comfortable in a safe way and are completely free of negative side effects.

Here are some of the effective hot flashes remedies:

  • Hot flashes natural remedies include wearing cotton clothes that are loose fitting. Avoid synthetic or other fabrics that make you uncomfortable and feel hot.
  • Home remedies for hot flashes include a healthy calcium and vitamin intake. Also, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can help reduce hot flashes.
  • Perform cool showers, preferably thrice a day. This hot flashes home remedy will help relieve discomforting symptoms. Taking a bath regularly before retiring to bed at night is also said to be of benefit.
  • Keep away from junk & fatty foods. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oils. Maintain a nutritive diet. Avoid or limit intake of caffeinated beverages to bring about a healthy reduction in hot flashes.
  • Maintain your water intake, at least seven glasses of water per day. Among useful hot flashes natural remedies, this helps flush out toxins, hydrate and cool your body and thus keep hot flashes to a minimum.
  • Keep your indoor environment well ventilated. Avoid outdoors during summers and hot weather. Lie down on cold pillows during hot flashes.
  • A habit of smoking or alcohol intake, besides being unhealthy, can contribute towards heating up your body and thus aggravate symptoms of hot flashes.

Your diet should be carefully planned and monitored. Include fresh leafy and green vegetables as well as fruits such as watermelon in your diet. This helps maintain body temperature & avoid hot flashes.

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