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A very common health problem related to your stomach, hyperacidity results whenHyperacidity Symptoms can be controlled easily with Hyperacidity Home Remedies your stomach secretes excess amounts of hydrochloric acid (normal amounts are need for proper digestion of foods).

Hyperacidity symptoms can lead to varying degrees of discomfort and can include sour belching, nauseating feeling, constipation, lack of appetite & indigestion.

Some of the hyperacidity causes include diet of spicy & oily foods, peptic ulcer, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), or in rare cases, cancer of the stomach.

The discomforts of hyperacidity can be relieved effectively by following natural and home remedies from the comforts of your residence.

Natural Treatments & Home Remedy for Hyperacidity

Use this simple, easy to follow, safe and effective home and natural remedies to relieve your hyperacidity.

Here are some of the effective hyperacidity remedies:

  • When you have hyperacidity, suck a medium piece of clove. This will bring substantial relief from hyperacidity symptoms.
  • If you have repeated bouts of acidity on a frequent basis make a habit of drinking milk to fight discomforts of acidity.
  • A natural remedy for acidity is to drink coconut water at intervals during the day time. This will help bring down your acidity.
  • To a glass of water mix two teaspoons each of apple cider vinegar & honey. Stir thoroughly and drink this preparation after meals. This is among effective hyperacidity remedies that will reduce your acidity problems.
  • An effective natural treatment for hyperacidity is cumin seeds. Boil some cumin seeds in water measuring a glass. When the liquid cools down, sip along with your meals as a supplement.
  • Make use of cucumber, banana or watermelon as hyperacidity home remedies. You can eat them as is or as juice.
  • Mint leaves can be useful as a home remedy for hyperacidity. Extract fresh mint juice and consume two tablespoons before going to bed to abate acidity symptoms.
  • A very simple remedy that you can include in your diet for hyperacidity is to drink a warm glass of water on an empty stomach, early in the morning, regularly. This remedy helps neutralize acidity.
  • Hyperacidity causes burning sensation in the stomach, for quick relief, eat a bowl of fresh yogurt to relieve such symptoms.

Avoid consumption of coffee, tea or aerated soft drinks as these can aggravate you acidity problems.

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