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What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is swelling of the larynx or voice box. Laryngitis causes hoarseness, loss of Laryngitis Symptoms are treated easily with Laryngitis Home Remediesvoice or a sore throat.

The common cause for laryngitis is viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Temporarily, your voice may be lost to some degree or there may be a complete loss of voice. In addition, laryngitis causes irritation in your throat & you may feel a need to clear it.

Natural & Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Taking remedial measures such as home remedies and natural treatment for laryngitis can help you in relieving the symptoms and discomfort caused by this condition.

Here are some of the effective home remedies for laryngitis:

  • Laryngitis remedies include tea prepared with lemon & honey. Take a glass of plain water, boil it. Now squeeze a single lemon into it and add two teaspoons of honey as well. Let the preparation cool down, drink as and when suitable.
  • An effective laryngitis home remedy is resting your voice. You should keep silent as much as possible and talk only when needed. Avoid talking loudly & whispering as this can likely worsen the already inflamed larynx.
  • Avoid using decongestant medications as they can cause a dry throat which can your worsen laryngitis symptoms.
  • A good measure to treat laryngitis is to keep your throat moistened by gargling with salt water. A dry throat can worsen an already inflamed larynx, moistening the throat brings relief.
  • Inhale steam for around ten minutes or take a steam bath for an equal amount of time. Both laryngitis remedies are effective in curing laryngitis.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated as this will help shorten duration for laryngitis symptoms. Drink water equaling eight glassfuls or more for relieving larynx inflammation.
  • A dry environment can worsen your throat further. Running a humidifier can help in humidifying the environment indoors. This is an effective laryngitis home remedy.
  • One of the laryngitis natural remedies is to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. This way, you avoid cold air exposure to the throat. When you breathe through the mouth your throat can dry out, worsening your laryngitis symptoms further.

Refrain from cleaning your throat or coughing as these actions can further irritate your larynx. Also, minimize exposing yourself to irritants such as smoke and fumes as these can lead to worsening of your laryngitis.

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