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What is Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea is a condition that commonly occurs in women. A white discharge fromWhite Discharge from Vagina is one of main Leucorrhea Symptoms vagina is one of the main leucorrhoea symptoms. Leucorrhoea is also known as whites.

In some cases there is a white discharge with odor which can cause discomfort & social embarrassment.

Leucorrhoea causes include wrong eating habits that can lead to increased levels of toxins in the body system.

When the female body is unable to get rid of toxins through eliminative organs such as skin, kidney & bowel, it does this through leucorrhoea in the form of a white discharge from vagina.

Beneficial & Effective Leucorrhoea Home Remedies

You can also use these remedies to get relief from embarrassing signs such as bad odor from vagina due to leucorrhoea discharge.

Native folks in some countries chew betel nuts (supaari). These nuts are also chewed immediately after meals, to prevent leucorrhoea.

Here are some of the effective leucorrhoea home remedies:

  • Boil rice in one half liter of water. Strain the boiled water & to it, add one tablespoon sugar. Drink in the morning to treat leucorrhoea.
  • In a liter of water add a handful of guava leaves. Boil till the water gets halved. Let the prepared liquid cool following which you can use it as a douche.
  • Prepare a paste from mango seed kernel & apply on the vagina. This is an effective home remedy for leucorrhoea which can also help relieve you from leucorrhoea signs such as white discharge with odor.
  • Fill three teaspoons of fenugreek seeds. Boil these in a vessel containing one liter of water on a low flame. A decoction will form after half an hour of boiling. Let the resulting liquid cool down. Strain and drink it or use as a douche.
  • Fill a glass with water & soak one teaspoon coriander seeds in it. Leave overnight and consume on an empty stomach in the morning. Continue this remedy for a week to get positive results.
  • Take some sugar or honey and mix two grams of Indian gooseberry (amalaki) powder to it. Consume it once daily in the morning. It is said to be effective for curing leucorrhoea.

You can also use some of these remedies to free yourself of bad odor from vagina that often is found to occur in leucorrhoea.

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