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Lyme Disease

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme disease occurs through tick bites. These ticks are common to North America & Lyme Disease Symptoms retort well to its Natural RemediesEurope. Causes of lyme disease include Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium.

The bacterium is found to reside in deer ticks that need animal & human blood to survive. The disease is generally not serious and lyme disease symptoms can be relieved with proper treatment.

Symptoms & signs of lyme disease include body aches, tiredness, fever & chills that may follow after a rash develops. These symptoms are very similar to those found during a flu infection.

Your immune system plays an important role in fighting disease and diet for lyme disease can aid in strengthening it. Lyme disease natural remedies consist of eating a healthy & balanced diet along with plenty of fruits & vegetables.

Natural & Home Remedies for Lyme disease

As the infection is caused by bacteria, lime disease home remedy consists of oral antibiotics medications. This treatment continues for about three weeks, helps clear up the infection and prevent complications.

If symptoms and signs of lyme disease are not treated at an early stage, a need for treatment with drips may arise.

Whatever the causes of lyme disease, you can try these home and natural remedies safely to get substantial relief from its symptoms.

Here are some of the remedies for lyme disease:

  • An antibiotics course can cause gastrointestinal issues. A good preventive step for this is consuming lactobacilli – a good bacteria contained in yogurt & other fermented foods.
  • The natural anti bacterial properties of garlic can be put to use as a lyme disease home remedy. Garlic can be taken as food or as a pill. This is among effective lyme disease natural remedies.
  • You can boost your immune system by eating foods rich in vitamin C as this acts as an effective remedy by increasing your body’s capability in fighting infections. Eat lemon, oranges, grapes, lime and other citrus fruits.
  • A preventive measure is to apply insect repellent. If you plan to venture into grassy areas, these repellents can provide protection for a period of at least two hours.

The above remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment. Your lyme disease symptoms can get aggravated and become serious. These can include muscle aches, diarrhea or low white blood cell count which calls for a visit to your doctor.

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