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Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium group of parasites. Causes of malaria include a bite Malaria Symptoms include fever, shivering, headaches & body achefrom infected female mosquito called Anopheles. The disease causes high fever with chills, muscle aches, headache & sweating.

Natural Malaria Remedies

Whatever your causes of malaria, these remedies are easy to follow, effective, safe & affordable.

These home and natural remedies can give you comfort from malaria symptoms.

Here are some of the effective malaria remedies:

  • Take some cinnamon & black pepper, boil in plain water. Filter the decoction, mix some honey and drink while still hot. This home remedy for malaria helps reduce malaria symptoms such as fever & chills.
  • Peel some orange skin and boil in plain water for fifteen minutes. Filter this preparation and drink it hot.
  • Malaria home remedies include rubbing basil leaves on the body. This remedy helps by reducing signs of malaria such as chills.
  • Cut a piece of lemon, fill it with salt & powdered black pepper. Heat the slice on a low flame. When still warm, suck a slice slowly, two times daily. This will help relieve malaria.
  • Extract fresh lemon juice & onion juice. Mix a tablespoon of each and consume one tablespoon daily for three days. This is among effective malaria remedies that help bring relief in fever experienced during initial stage of malaria.
  • Fruits can also help in malaria treatment. Eat fruits such as apple, banana & guava during malaria as this aids recovery.
  • Mix dried ginger and coriander powder in equal quantity. Prepare a paste by mixing in water. ┬áConsume a teaspoonful of this paste three times a day. This remedy helps in symptoms and signs of malaria such as fever.
  • Prepare some long pepper powder – mix some amount of honey to it. This too can aid in fever during Malaria.
  • Boil a handful of neem leaves in water. After twenty minutes, filter the liquid and add appropriate amount of black pepper powder. Consume this preparation to treat malaria.
  • Malaria symptoms such as fever may recur. Drink fresh lemon juice mixed with water & sugar regularly until you experience reduction in fever. You can also drink buttermilk to get similar result.

There should be absolutely no delay in treating this disease as it can lead to serious health complications and in some cases may prove fatal.

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