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What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an infection that leads to inflammation of the breast tissues. This condition Breastfeeding Problems usually occur during Mastitisresults in mastitis symptoms including pain, swelling & redness in the affected breast. In some cases the symptoms may include fever & chills.

Generally, mastitis occurs in breast feeding women. Often, mastitis causes varying degrees of discomfort that can lead to a feeling of tiredness.

Nonetheless, during such breast infection, women do not normally face breastfeeding problems and can continue to breast feed their baby.

Normal treatment for mastitis consists of oral antibiotics which help clear the infection. You can make use of home remedies to relieve mastitis signs & symptoms such as swelling, pain and other discomforts associated with the disease.

Home & Natural Mastitis Remedies

Some of the natural and home remedies for mastitis presented here can help you deal with mastitis symptoms in a safe, easy to follow and affordable way.

Here are some of the effective mastitis remedies:

  • Raw cabbage leaves that are fresh can be effectively used as natural treatment for mastitis. ┬áLay cold cabbage leaves on the affected part while taking rest, remove once the leaves get warm and replace. This remedy can help relieve mastitis signs such as swelling and also aid in lessening infection.
  • Another among natural mastitis remedies is to make paste using calendula flowers & comfrey leaves. Warm this paste and apply it on inflamed breast thrice a day. You should see positive results in about forty eight hours.
  • In some cases, mastitis causes fever. You can use a single ounce of dried Echinacea root added to a pint of boiling water. Leave the preparation to steep overnight. Two cups of this liquid should be consumed twice daily. Dilute the solution gradually & consume until your fever fades off.
  • Make sure you continue feeding your baby with the affected breast to avoid breastfeeding problems later on. Even if it means bearing some degree of discomforting pain that can accompany such feeding. This will help empty the affected breast and aid in improving your condition.

Lastly, it is important to take appropriate rest & sleep. This will help nursing mothers to strengthen the immune system and make them less vulnerable to infections. Proper physical rest along with a healthy diet will help in the healing process.

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