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What is Migraine?

Migraine is the most common of primary headaches that can often be quite debilitating Migraine Symptom shows up severe headaches & intense pain in headand can devastate lives of chronic sufferers.

It can affect people of all ages. A migraine is a severe headache usually felt as a throbbing pain at the front or on one side of the head.

Migraine is caused in part by changes in the level of chemical made in the brain called serotonin.

Serotonin has an effect on blood vessels. When serotonin levels falls, blood vessels swell. This swelling causes pain and many other problems in body.

Here is Your Migraine Symptom

Migraine headaches often create an intense, pounding pain at the back of your head. Pain is usually unilateral, on one side of the head.

Nausea or vomiting is the most common migraine symptom in people. Diarrhea, facial pallor, cold hands, cold feet, and sensitivity to light and sound commonly accompany migraine headaches.

Migraine symptom also includes sleepiness, fatigue, depression, yawning irritability, and even craving for sweets or salty foods.

Increased urination, abdominal cramps and lack of appetite are some other additional migraine symptoms.

Let’s Discuss Causes for Migraine

Migraine is believed to be caused by changes in neurotransmitters and blood vessels in the brain but exactly what causes these changes is still unknown.

Possible causes for migraine includes imbalance of chemicals in brain and genetics. Changes in weather conditions also trigger migraine pain in people.

Skipping of meals can also lead to such problems. Alcohol is also a contributing cause for migraine.

Financial problems can also be a valid cause. Stress is one of the major causes for migraine.

In women, menstrual cycle poses the threat of migraine attack. Unhealthy food and smoking also triggers the rate of migraine attacks in people.

Treatment for migraine must be done as quickly as possible because severe migraine attacks can result in brain tumor which can be devastating.

Here is Your Natural Remedy for Migraine

Given below are some major migraine cures. They are very helpful in treating migraine.

These remedies are very useful as they respond very quickly to migraine symptoms. Here are some remedies discussed in detail:

  • Grapes: Grind fresh ripe grapes and drink without adding any water. Juice of ripe grapes is concluded in one of the most effective migraine home remedies.
  • Lemon crust: Grind lemon crust and apply as a paste on the forehead. Migraine cures using this remedy has been found very useful and long lasting.
  • Vegetables: Take spinach juice along with beet and cucumber juice. You can add equal quantity of each vegetable’s juice mixed together and take it as whole. This is one of the good natural remedy for migraine.
  • Sandalwood: Make a paste of freshly ground sandalwood and apply it on your forehead. Let it dry and rub it off by hand and wash it. It gives you successful results in quick time.
  • Garlic: You can go for raw garlic or cooked garlic in various forms. It has great potential in treating migraine headaches.
  • Feverfew: Four to five fresh leaves of feverfew taken in dried form can be very beneficial and better to cure migraines. It must be taken regularly for seven days.
  • Chamomile: Drinking chamomile tea everyday is very helpful in reducing symptoms of migraine. It is a very simple remedy for migraine cures.

Given above remedies are very cost effective. They act as immediate response given to migraine symptoms. They have no side effects and give successful results in a short period.

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