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What are Moles?

Skin moles develop as a result of hyper pigmentation of cells. Genetics, heredity &Common Causes of Moles are genetics & exposure to sunlight sunlight are some of the causes of moles.

A skin mole can appear as flat or raised and is black, brown or red colored. Skin moles are common and normally cause no bother. Some people have big moles that may appear ugly or cause concern and this may make them want them removed.

Natural Remedies for Moles

Commonly, moles are removed through surgical method which is costly & there is a risk of scarring.

Whatever the causes of moles, you can use these natural & home remedial measures that are affordable, safe & do not pose risk of scarring.

Here are some effective mole home remedies:

  • Take some flaxseeds, grind into powder & make a paste after adding some honey and flaxseed oil. Apply this home remedy for moles (prepared paste) to your skin moles thrice a day until you see results in a couple of weeks.
  • Extract liquid that resembles milk from the trunk of banyan tree. It is said to be useful in removing skin moles. Apply this juice extract as a natural home remedy for moles thrice a day.
  • Paste prepared form castor oil mixed in equal quantity of baking powder should be applied to moles with a cotton swab. This is done before bed time. The following morning, rinse off with water. Continue this remedy up to a time symptoms of moles disappear.
  • Mole home remedies include a fine paste prepared by grinding radish. Apply this paste on affected skin area twice a day to get rid of moles.
  • Another effective remedy to eradicate signs of moles from your skin is using onion or garlic paste as a skin application.
  • Use dandelion roots to effectively remove signs of moles that are warty. Apply the extract that oozes out on cutting dandelion roots to your skin moles.
  • Grind cumin seeds & prepare a fine paste. Apply the paste onto skin moles daily to erase symptoms of moles. A burning sensation maybe felt following paste application which is temporary.

You can also use pomegranate peels, roasted for five minutes & grounded to powdery form. To this powder mix some lime juice to form a paste. Apply this paste two times daily for some days until you see results.

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