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Mono (Mononucleosis)

What is Mono (Mononucleosis)?

An infectious disease caused by the Epstein Barr virus, mononucleosis (mono for short) Mono Symptoms can be relieved by Home Remedies for Monois spread through infected saliva, often through kissing.

Mono causes include various factors that include saliva, mucus from throat and nose, infected toothbrush & eating utensils.

Skin rash, sore throat, night sweats, weakness, headaches & lack of appetite are some of the mono symptoms and signs.

With a viral cause, mono does not respond to antibiotic treatment. You can avail of home and natural remedies to bring about a decrease in mono signs and symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Mono

As there is no cure for mono, the best thing you can do is look out for measures that will give you relief from its symptoms and put a stop to its aggravation.

Take a look at some of the mono remedial measures given below. These remedies can help in relieving mono signs & symptoms in an effective, easy to follow and affordable way.

Some of the effective natural and home remedies for mono:

  • An appropriate amount of sleep & rest allows your body to repair itself & fasten recovery. You have to continue this mono home remedy for about a couple of weeks as mono resolves gradually. Do not exert yourself through physical activities at work or otherwise as this may increase your risk of a relapse.
  • A strep throat is among mono causes and should be treated at the earliest. To get rid of the strep throat, gargle with mild salt water (warm) at intervals throughout the day.
  • Relieve mono symptoms by maintaining moistness of your throat. For this, you can suck lozenges. This will substantially help in reducing soreness, inflammation and irritation of your throat.
  • Another mono home remedy consists of drinking good amounts of water throughout the day. This is among natural remedies for mono that helps keep you hydrated, flush out body toxins & prop your immune system.
  • Abstain from smoking for a few weeks as it is known to aggravate mono symptoms such as irritation of the throat.

Lastly, diet for mono is very important for any of the remedies to work. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy foods, increase intake of fluids and avoid unhealthy foods. This will help in improving your immunity and overall health which will help your body effectively fight infections.

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