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Nasal Congestion

Nasal Congestion

When membranes lining your nose suffer from inflammation, you get nasal congestion. Nasal Congestion Symptoms respond well to Nasal Congestion Home RemediesThis condition can cause varying degrees of discomforts as well as earaches, hearing loss, sleep disturbance, mild headaches,

Some of the causes of nasal congestion include cold, flu, hay fever, sinus infection & allergic reaction.

Although blowing the nose can give some amount of comfort, however temporary, remedies do exist that can effectively relieve nose congestion.

Nasal Congestion Remedies

Home & natural remedies can give you substantial relief from nasal congestion. Whatever the causes of nasal congestion, use these remedial measures as they are totally safe, affordable and easy to get & follow.

Here are some effective & beneficial nasal congestion remedies:

  • Extra intake of fluids can help ease nasal congestion. Drink hot tea, soup or broth. But just avoid drinks that contain caffeine as these can worsen your nasal congestion.
  • Boil some water in a vessel. Wrap a towel around your head and inhale the steam rising from the vessel. This simple home remedy for nasal congestion should help start decongesting your nose in about ten minutes. For added effects, drop a tiny amount of eucalyptus oil to the boiled water.
  • Avoid lying down on your back while resting or sleeping as this can worsen nasal congestion symptoms. Elevate your head by using thicker pillows and sleep on either side instead of lying flat on your back.
  • Try adding a bit of extra spice while cooking foods. This can help in triggering a reflex response that can loosen up nose congestion.
  • A natural home remedy for nasal congestion that can help is walking. It is a simple exercise that promotes easier breathing & also increases & improves blood circulation.
  • Prepare thick mustard paste and dab it on your chest. Dip a chest sized cotton cloth in hot water, wring the cloth & place it on the mustard to get satisfactory relief from nasal congestion symptoms.
  • If your nose has blocked out completely, it’s time to use nasal congestion home remedies such as cayenne pepper. Add some amount of cayenne pepper flakes prior to eating your food. This will unblock your plugged nose.

Also, try to get enough rest and sleep as these will greatly help you in getting relief from nasal congestion.

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