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What is Obesity?

Obesity is an individual clinical condition and is increasingly viewed as a serious public Symptoms for Obesity shows ugly appearance & physical exertionhealth problem.

A necessary amount of body fat is required for regulating body functions. Obesity is defined by an excess amount of body fat.

Excess weight not only makes regular activities in life difficult but it also leads to low self-esteem and self image problems.

Excessive body weight has been shown to predispose to various diseases, particularly cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, and osteoarthritis.

An ideal body mass index is taken to be twenty and twenty five and if your obesity count is more than thirty you are diagnosed with obesity.

Here Are Your Symptoms for Obesity

Body mass index count is the ratio of body weight to height, which shows identifiable symptoms.

Symptoms for obesity shows ugly appearance, shortness of breath, lack of energy level on the slightest physical exertion, snoring, back pain, pain in the knees and hips and joints.

Obesity induces surfacing of related diseases and conditions like gout, hypertension, cancer and high cholesterol levels.

Let’s Check your Causes of Obesity

There are many factors that contribute to obesity. It can range from genetic factors to depression.

Genetic inheritance usually influences a person’s chance of becoming fat. Genes enhances the storage capacity of food.

Certain eating habits of people like nibbling between meals can be one of the potential causes of obesity.

Consuming food faster without enough time to chew tends people to become obese.

Obesity is also found in persons who lead sedentary lives and pay less importance to physical activities.

It can occur at any age, increased food consumption must be balanced with regular physical activities. You must adapt ways to lose weight which helps you to prevent obesity.

Obesity may follow due to damage of hypothalamus after head injury because it is not able to regulate appetite in your body.

Effective Obesity Home Remedies

Given below remedies are some very effective ways to lose weight. These remedies are very successful in producing quick results.

These remedies turn your problems into solution and provide you quick relief from your obesity problems.

  • One teaspoon of fresh honey should be mixed with a juice of lime in a glass of lukewarm water. Consume it in regular intervals. It is a very well known obesity natural remedy.
  • Handful of jujube leaves must be soaked overnight in water and this water must be consumed every morning on empty stomach. Using this treatment can achieve beneficial results.
  • Research has proved that cabbage is of great value in weight reduction. Substituting a meal with cabbage salad is the simplest way to remain slim.
  • One or two ripe tomatoes taken early morning is a safe method for weight reduction. It helps you to lose weight naturally.
  • Try to eat ten to twelve fully grown curry leaves every morning for three to four months. It may prove beneficial for the obese people in losing weight.
  • Make a mixture of one fourth teaspoon powdered black pepper, three teaspoon lime juice and one teaspoon honey in a cup of water. Drinking this can be helpful for the obese people.
  • Spices like ginger, cinnamon, black pepper etc. are good for losing weight. Drink ginger tea two to three times a day. It is also a good remedy for obesity.

Above remedies help you to lose weight naturally without having any side effect on our body.

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