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Peptic Ulcer

What is Peptic Ulcer?

Peptic ulcer results from hyperacidity that is a result of increased gastric juice acidity. In Peptic Ulcer Symptoms respond well to Peptic Ulcer Home Remedies & Dietthis condition, there is an erosion of inner lining of the stomach due to the actions of strong acids secreted in your stomach.

Some of the peptic ulcer causes include consuming spicy & oily foods, over eating, smoking, drinking coffee & alcohol.

Natural & Home Peptic Ulcer Remedies

You can try these useful remedies for your peptic ulcer. Easy to follow, safe and effective, these peptic ulcer natural remedies & measures can help you achieve substantial relief from peptic ulcer symptoms.

Here are some of the effective peptic ulcer remedies:

  • Peptic ulcer home remedies include use of cabbage. Cut & boil small pieces of fresh cabbage in water until the solution gets halved. After the preparation has cooled down, strain & drink twice daily. Taking this remedy for a week can give positive results in symptoms that peptic ulcer causes.
  • Boil two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a single cup of water. Strain the resulting solution and consume it cooled. A tea prepared using fenugreek seeds can be effective for reducing peptic ulcer symptoms.
  • After eating a couple of bananas, consume milk equal to one glass. This helps relieve burning sensations & pain occurring in the stomach. An effective home remedy for peptic ulcer, banana helps neutralize the acidity of gastric juices and also helps reduce irritation of the ulcer.
  • Prepare a juice by mixing carrot & cabbage leaves extract and take it twice daily. Include this juice in your peptic ulcer diet to achieve quick relief from symptoms of peptic ulcer.
  • Wash wood apple leaves thoroughly & soak overnight in water. The following morning strain the water and consume. This liquid is an effective natural home remedy for peptic ulcer that can also help reduce gastric juices and provide quick relief.
  • Flatulence & indigestion can be caused due to peptic ulcers. These peptic ulcer symptoms can be relieved by drinking limejuice twice daily. Limejuice also aids in treating peptic ulcer.

It is a good idea to include vegetable juices in your peptic ulcer diet. To treat your peptic ulcer juices made with spinach, cucumber &beet have been found to be effective.  Butter milk and cream can also be included in the diet.

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