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What are Piles?

A large number of people suffer from piles worldwide. Piles are usually a condition which Painless bleeding and itchy skin are major Piles Symptomresults due to swelling of veins in and around the rectum.

This condition can be very embarrassing sometimes. Piles arise from the increased pressure of internal and external veins around the canal.

Piles occur in two types in our body. Internal piles are considered those where the swelling is located inside anal passage and can be felt rather than seen.

External piles are those where swelling is easily visible as they are located just outside the anus.

Internal piles causes discharge of dark colored blood whereas external piles are very painful with a little or no blood discharge.

Piles are generally not a disease but a condition caused by some underlying infection.

Let’s find out your Piles Symptom

The most common piles symptom which you will notice is that you may feel painless bleeding from your anus. You will witness it in the toilet bowl or when you use a toilet paper.

You may also feel itching skin around your anus after passing motions. Pain or ache around the anus and lower bowel can be also a severe piles symptom.

Additional piles symptoms include a lump on your anus, a slimy discharge of mucus, swelling around the anus and a feeling that your bowels have not emptied completely.

What are your Causes of Piles?

Pregnancy, labor, lifting heavy weights, obesity or anal sexual intercourse are all factors that can put an increased pressure on the recto-anal veins, which can possibly weaken and stretch them out. These factors are primary causes of piles.

Additional causes of piles include diarrhea, regular use of laxatives, genetic factors, constant sitting, wiping too hard after a bowel movement and familial inclination.

Here are your Home Remedies of Piles

Using home remedies for treatment of piles is the best alternative we can adapt. Curing piles at home can be very effective. These remedies ensure you to cure piles permanently from your body.

  • Mango: Seeds of mango must be properly dried, powdered and stored in a clean dry place. Consuming one or two teaspoons of this powder twice a day reduces your swelling and inflammation.
  • Java plum: This fruit must be consumed every morning for a period of two to three months. Consuming this fruit is very effective in piles cures.
  • Radish: Consume a mixture of hundred milligram of grated white radish and a teaspoon of honey. Drink juice of this vegetable twice a day, about sixty to ninety milliliter. It is one of the most effective home remedies of piles.
  • Turnip: One hundred and fifty milliliter of turnip juice must be given to this patient. For better results fifty milliliter of this juice must be mixed with equal quantities of watercress, spinach and carrots.
  • Onion: Thirty grams of this vegetable should be finely rubbed in water and sixty grams of water to it. Intake of it twice a day is very productive.
  • Sesame: Using seeds of sesame is very valuable. Boil twenty grams of seeds in five hundred milliliter of water till it is reduced by one-third. Ground to paste with water, they can be given with butter for bleeding piles.
  • Ginger: Intake of half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with one teaspoon each of fresh lime juice and fresh mint juice is very useful. It is one of the most well known home remedies of piles.

Above remedies gives you results in quick time. They are very economical and have no side effects.

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