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What are Ringworms?

A common disorder of the skin, ringworm is a fungal infection. The medical term forRingworm Symptom is characterized by round spots on surface of the skin ringworms is Tinea. Ringworm symptom, characterized by round marking (spots) on your skin often causes itching.

Know Causes of Ringworm

The fungi that causes ringworm is called Dermatophytes & can affect your skin, scalp or nails and can spread through.

  • Thru scratch or cut in your skin
  • Damp areas like groin & armpit
  • Sharing contaminated clothes or combs with infected people
  • Public swimming pools
  • Via pets

There can be other causes of ringworm than those stated above.

Ringworm Symptom

Ringworm first displays as a rash which slowly forms a ring-like patch. A common infection from ringworms is the jock itch (groin area).

On your scalp, the ringworm symptom (infection) first appears as a pimple that gradually grows in size and spreads leaving a scaly patch that is bereft of hair.

When you have ringworm infection on your foot (known as athlete’s foot) it is commonly between your toes that can give you dry scaly skin that forms cracks.

Get Treatments of Ringworm

Simple home and natural remedies can give you long lasting relief from ringworm infection. These ringworm cures are safe, effective, easy to use and economic.

  • Make paste from mustard seeds and apply directly on the affected area of your body skin. This is an effective home remedy for ringworm.
  • A simple remedy for ringworm is to apply coconut oil on the ringworm patch. This will give relief from itching & soften the affected skin surface.
  • Slice raw papaya and rub slices on ringworm patch two times a day. This is a useful natural remedy for ringworm.
  • Grind dry papaya seeds and prepare a paste by mixing in water, apply directly onto the patch, repeat twice daily.
  • Extract fresh turmeric juice and apply directly of parts of skin affected by ringworm. This is a beneficial natural remedy for ringworm.
  • If you have ringworm of the scalp, you can treat it by applying castor oil by rubbing gently on the affected part of your scalp.
  • Extract and mix spinach & carrot juice and consume twice a day in moderation. This is a healthy home remedy for ringworm.
  • Apply paste of cassia tree leaves to patch of ringworm. This will render relief from itching that occurs through ringworm patch.

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