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What is Scabies?

Scabies is said to occur when eight-legged tiny mites known as sarcoptes scabiei cause a Cure for Scabies can be achieved by using Home Remedies for Scabiesskin infection. Scabies can be caused by skin contact and is also very contagious by nature.

Scabies can affect anyone and the mites which are also causes of scabies can commonly be found in public places that are congested including day care centers & hospitals.

Symptoms of scabies include itching & you find yourself scratching affected parts more at night as it becomes more intense compared to daytime.

As you scratch the affected area of your skin, it turns red and blisters or a rash can form and at this it is most contagious.

Although scabies is contagious, several remedial options & cure for scabies exist that can help you achieve relief from its itchy, discomforting symptoms.

Natural & Home Remedies for Scabies

Making use of these remedial measures can help treat and act as cure for scabies infection safely, economically & effectively.

In addition, these home and natural treatment for scabies are also quite simple and easy to follow.

Here are some of the effective natural and home remedies for scabies:

  • An effective home remedy for scabies involves usage of natural herbal oils. Apply oils of neem, mustard or turmeric to affected area of your skin an hour prior to taking a bath as scabies natural remedies to achieve relief. After an hour of applying the oil, take your bath.
  • This condition causes itching & rashes. To control these symptoms of scabies, you can apply calamine lotion on affected areas as it will help soothe your skin and also relieve itching.
  • When the itching gets intense, a simple home remedy for scabies such as soaking affected area in cold water is said to be effective. While soaking the affected area, avoid scrubbing infected parts as this can cause brakeage of skin and worsen the infection.
  • Among effective remedies for scabies, tea tree oil can also be used to treat scabies. Add sufficient amount of tea tree oil to your bathing water. You can also apply this oil directly to affected areas to deal with itching & rashes.

Whatever the causes of scabies, these natural ingredients are easily available in stores and often found in your home. Use these to effectively deal with scabies symptoms.

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