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Skin Rash

Skin Rash

Skin rash or body rash is an inflammation of the skin. During a rash, the skin color &Skin Rash Home Remedies can relieve Symptoms of Skin Rash like itching & burning sensation texture can differ from those of the surround area. A skin rash can result due to an allergic reaction or irritation on the skin.

Commonly, rashes can affect areas of your body such as the scalp, face, chest, arms or the genital region.

A skin rash may occur in any part of the body following a reaction to certain foods, chemicals, plants, insect bites or extreme environment.

Depending on the causes of skin rash, it may differ in shape, size and color. Symptoms of skin rash include itching, stinging, burning & painful sensations on the affected area.

In some cases, rashes may remain asymptomatic or be accompanied by symptoms such as headache and fever.

Skin Rash Home Remedies & Natural Treatment

Use these remedial measures to effectively treat your skin rash. Also, increase the intake of food rich in Vitamin C. Citrus fruits will work best in this regard.

Here are some of the effective skin rash home remedies:

  • An effective home remedy for skin rash is to give a chamomile tea wash to the affected area. Put some fresh chamomile flowers in a cup of boiling water. Steep for five hours, strain the decoction and apply the wash.
  • Use olive oil for its therapeutic properties to treat skin rash. Application of olive oil is said to penetrate the skin and relieve symptoms of skin rash.
  • Skin rash remedies also include usage of baking soda. Apply some on affected area & keep it gently pressed on the area for some time. This helps relieve skin irritation and aids in skin rash cure.
  • A simple home remedy for skin rash is to apply aloe vera gel on the affected part. This will help soothe the burning & itchy sensations as well heal the skin rash.
  • Dip a small piece of soft cotton cloth in comfrey solution. Dab this cloth on the skin or body rash. It renders a calming effect & reduces inflammation.

Take an oatmeal bath as part of skin rash remedies. Add one cupful of raw oatmeal into your bathtub water and stir it thoroughly and immerse your whole body into the bathtub. This skin rash natural treatment can provide instant relief & aid in healing the rash.

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