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Sore Throat

Sore Throat

You are said to suffer from a sore throat when there is presence of inflammation or Sore Throat Remedies help relieving Symptoms of Sore Throatswelling in your pharynx or voice box, situated at the back of your throat. A sore throat often occurs following a viral infection such as during common cold, cough & flu.

Sore throat causes also include measles, mumps, tonsillitis, smoking or talking loudly or shouting.

Some commonly known symptoms of sore throat include swollen & tender lymph glands, difficulty while swallowing, pain & irritation of the throat, and in some cases, fever.

You can use sore throat natural treatment & home remedies to effectively treat the symptoms at home.

Sore Throat Home Remedies & Natural Treatment

You can selectively follow & use these remedial options for relieving your symptoms of sore throat.

These remedies are safe, economical and easy to follow. You will find many of these sore throat remedies useful in treating your throat condition.

Here are some of the effective sore throat home remedies:

  • Add basil leaves to a cup of water. Bring this concoction to a boil. Strain well after the liquid cools down. This sore throat home remedy is effective when used as gargle or consumed as a tonic.
  • Gargling with lukewarm water is among the simplest form of sore throat remedies. Before gargling, add a bit of salt to the lukewarm water.
  • Add honey & lemon juice to a glass filled with warm water. Drink this liquid preparation by sipping it slowly. Prepare & drink as per requirement.
  • An effective sore throat home remedy is using fenugreek seeds. Put some fenugreek seeds in a glass of lukewarm water. Strain the water after letting it steep for five hours. Gargle with the resulting liquid for comforting relief.
  • A sore throat causes many discomforting symptoms. To treat these symptoms you can use honey & onion. Cut a thick slice of onion and dip it in a cup containing honey. Cover the cup with a lid and leave it for an hour. Consume one teaspoon of honey from the cup every couple of hours.

You can also try inhaling steam to get substantial relief from sore throat symptoms. To make the steam more effective, add a few drops of spearmint or eucalyptus oil. In addition, it also helps clearing congestion of the nasal passage.

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  1. Kate
    March 10, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    Do you want to learn some sore throat remedies? Sore throat is a common medical problem experienced by humans once or twice in a year. It is generally caused by common viruses such as flu and the common cold. Sometimes, it can also be caused by mouth breathing and inhaling dry air. Cayenne pepper is another amazing remedy for your sore throat. You may not like the taste of it first but this is truly effective. Make sure you don’t throw up when ingesting this remedy.

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