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Sunburn is a skin condition whereby living tissue such as skin gets overexposed to Apply Sunburn Home Remedies to cure your Sunburn problemsultraviolet rays (such as from the sun) and suffers a burn.

Sunburn is often characterized by a red marks on the skin which occur due to prolonged sunlight exposure. People with fair skin are more prone to sunburn as compared to people with other skin colors.

Make use of these home and natural remedies for sunburn to get substantial relief from symptoms and related discomforts.

Sunburn Home Remedies & Natural Treatment

To cure your sunburn, use these sunburn remedies as they are easy to follow, effective, safe & economical.

Here are some of the effective sunburn home remedies:

  • The use of aloe vera extract or gel also can bring relief from sunburns when directly applied on to affected area.
  • Take a big slice of cucumber or a potato and apply on the affected part. This sunburn home remedy will provide soothing relief from symptoms.
  • Sunburn natural treatment includes relieving your sun burnt skin by applying lavender oil on affected area & getting relief from the itching and pain.
  • Use sandalwood powder and water as sunburn remedies. Form a paste by mixing both & apply freely on affected areas. This remedy brings true relief from burning sensation of the skin.
  • Another among useful sunburn natural remedies is to gently massage sun burnt skin with mustard oil. It relieves the burning sensation that sunburn causes, and also lessens itching.
  • One effective remedy used to treat sunburn is applying a soft cloth on sunburned area after dipping it in milk. This gives you soothing relief from sunburn symptoms.
  • Boil & mash a few leaves of cabbage and apply the pulp over the sun burnt or tanned parts of the body. Wash off with plain water after ten minutes.
  • Use equal parts of vinegar & olive oil as an effective sunburn home remedy to bring relief from this condition. After adding the two together, apply it on your sun burnt skin. Wash off an hour later.
  • In some cases, sunburn causes dehydration. Extract raw mango juice, to it add some sugar and salt. Consume this drink to keep your body well-hydrated.

Add a white cider vinegar measuring a standard sized cup into your bathing water. Taking a bath with this additive helps provide soothing relief from sunburn symptoms.

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