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Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow occurs when the tendon of the arm gets inflamed. This affects flexibility of Best Cure for Tennis Elbow is Tennis Elbow Exercises & Remediesthe elbow muscle that can put you in immense pain, especially with movement of your hand.

This limits your hand’s movements, making it difficult to hold weights. During this condition your elbow’s outer part becomes tender and achy.

Degeneration or a tear in your tendons are among causes of tennis elbow. As this condition is associated with swelling in the tendon, it is known as tendonitis.

Tennis elbow symptoms include pain and weakness on moving the hand and difficulty in gripping or lifting weights & objects.

Natural Treatment & Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Take advantage of these tennis elbow home remedies to get relief from related symptoms such as ache and pain effectively. You can also follow tennis elbow exercises suggested by your physiotherapist to get positive results.

These natural remedies are safe, easy to follow, economical & simple and can also help you in achieving a sustained cure for tennis elbow.

Here are some of the effective home remedies for tennis elbow:

  • Over the counter topical cream can be applied and wrapped around the elbow joint to reduce sensation of pain. Continued over a period, this remedy can help you achieve cure for tennis elbow.
  • An effective tennis elbow home remedy is to apply ice & heat packs alternatively. You can also apply each of ice and heat packs separately too. These remedies render comfort to the affected elbow joint.
  • Warm potato packs, prepared with boiled and mashed potatoes, help in relieving tennis elbow symptoms such pain & inflammation.
  • Relief in joint pain & inflammation can be helped by increasing your intake of celery. Intake of juice extracted from fresh celery is also said to be effective in tennis elbow treatment.
  • Consuming a preparation of ginger tea three times a day is observed to be beneficial in treating tennis elbow. A raw ginger poultice can also be applied directly on painful elbow joint.
  • Massaging and tennis elbow exercises are methods also found to relieve painful symptoms. Use calendula oil twice a day to massage & reduce pain occurring in your tennis elbow.

Whatever your causes of tennis elbow, take appropriate rest so that the affected part gets rested and your body repairs & heals the damaged tendon.

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  1. Adam - February 7, 2012

    Pain on the outer side of the elbow joint, possibly extending down to your forearm and wrist.

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