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Throat Obstruction

Throat Obstruction

When you feel tightness or lump in throat sensation that kind of interferes with Phlegm in the Throat cause Throat Obstructions & Blockage led voice hoarsenessswallowing food or liquid, you are probably experiencing one of the throat obstruction symptoms.

Obstruction or tightness in the throat can occur due to various factors. You may experience a feeling of something stuck in throat upon swallowing a foreign object such as a bone which can get lodged in your throat.

Depending on the cause, a throat obstruction can be of minor concern or it can be more serious in nature. Nonetheless, a feeling of obstruction in throat can also be experienced when there is a presence of lumpy growth that blocks your throat & the air passage.

Excessive phlegm in the throat can also cause throat obstruction as can the presence of increased amounts of mucus in the throat. All of these can make intake of food & liquid difficult. Sometimes, throat obstructions cause voice hoarseness too.

You can relieve minor types of throat obstructions that do not cause concern, through some simple remedial measures.

Effective Throat Obstruction Remedies

Seek immediate professional medical help if you sense a major throat obstruction. With the best of intentions, we advise you to limit the use of these remedial measures to minor, non-threatening throat obstructions only.

Useful remedies on experiencing an obstruction or blockage in throat:

  • Hot soups and green tea preparations often help dilute mucus buildups that block your throat & relieve other discomforting symptoms such as excessive build up of phlegm in the throat. You can also drink hot water as part of home remedy for throat obstruction.
  • Mix contents of a raw egg thoroughly. Gulp it down your throat in one go. This helps flush & dislodge small obstructions you may have in the throat.
  • When you feel something stuck in throat, take a ball of sticky rice and swallow it with intent of dislodging the object causing throat obstruction.
  • Take a large slice of bread. Cut out and separate the sides. Now apply some peanut butter to the slice. Chew the slice & swallow entire content to clear up obstructive material from the throat passage.

Another effective home remedy for blockage in throat is to take a big bite of soft ripe banana. Moisten the banana piece by holding it in the mouth for about a minute & then swallow it whole.

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