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When you experience soreness or pain at the base of or inside the tooth, it is called Toothache Cure is easily achieved through Toothache Remediestoothache. Many a times, toothache causes a lot of discomfort.

Toothache is a common problem, especially among young children and those who are aged. Toothache can be severe or mild and even become chronic in some cases.

As such, toothache symptoms occur in the form of swelling, pain, irritation which can be sharp, throbbing, dull or constant. It is characterized by reddening in the surrounding area of affected tooth.

Some of the toothache causes include decaying of the tooth, mouth bacteria and cavities in the tooth.

Toothache natural remedies & treatment can be used to effectively tackle & relive toothache problems.

Effective Toothache Remedies & Natural Treatment

You can use these simple, effective remedies to get comforting relief from toothache symptoms such as swollen gums & irritation.

Here are some of the effective toothache remedies:

  • Fresh lime is a rich vitamin C source. It can act as an effective toothache cure. For this, rub a freshly cut piece of lime directly on the aching tooth to get quick relief.
  • Add some lemon juice to grounded asafetida and expose the mixture to light heating. Dab a cotton ball with this slightly hot mixture & place this home remedy for toothache directly over your tooth cavity to experience relief.
  • To treat your toothache, use some clove oil. Apply some drops of oil on affected tooth. Let the oil settle in and work for at least five minutes. You may then rinse your mouth with water.
  • Use garlic clove sprinkled with rock salt as a toothache natural treatment. Place the clove over the affected tooth. Chew raw garlic in the mornings can help achieve toothache cure & also strengthen the tooth.
  • To a half teaspoon of clove oil add a single pinch of pepper powder, mix it properly. Apply the paste preparation on affected tooth to feel relief.
  • An effective home remedy for toothache is chewing raw onion slice, thrice daily. Antibacterial properties of onion helps clear mouth infecting bacteria and germs.

To some boiling water, steep a teabag. Now place this tolerably hot tea bag over the toothache spot for fast relief. A well known native home remedy is chewing a fresh leaf of guava tree.

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