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Tuberculosis (TB)


Tuberculosis is serious disease infecting the lungs. An infection by the bacteria Tuberculosis Symptoms can be taken care with Tuberculosis Remediesmycobacterium tuberculosis is responsible for causing this disease. The bacteria gain entrance into the body during air inhalation & reside in the lungs.

Low immunity, stress, habit of smoking & drinking are among some of the factors and tuberculosis causes.

The main symptom for tuberculosis is coughing, which leads to cause chest pain. Severe coughing during this condition can produce blood in cough.

Tuberculosis symptoms include fever, chills, night sweats, lack or loss of appetite & weight loss.

The disease was considered a fatal some years back as a tuberculosis cure was unavailable, but it has now become treatable.

Natural & Home Tuberculosis Remedies

Benefit from these home & natural remedies for tuberculosis. These are easy to follow, safe, effective and economical too.

Here are some of the tuberculosis remedies:

  • In a juice of onion, add a bit of asafetida. Have this mixture every half an hour. This remedy helps along with other treatment in achieving tuberculosis cure.
  • Steep some fresh drumstick leaves in a vessel containing water. After steeping, boil the water & strain. Add some salt & pepper for taste. Consume this natural tuberculosis remedy preparation on an empty stomach, every morning.
  • Extract a glass of fresh orange juice & add one tablespoon honey and one pinch of salt. Consume this juice on empty stomach, daily.
  • Tuberculosis causes mucus. Consuming fresh pineapple juice regularly has been proved to be of help in dissolving the mucus and aiding tuberculosis treatment.
  • Make a mixture of sugar candy and clarified butter. Take this preparation several times daily.
  • Prepare fine nutmeg powder and add a cup of oil in it. Heat this mixture on a low flame. Apply this warm oil on hands & legs of affected person to relieve tuberculosis symptoms such as pain and aching.
  • Add some sugar crystals to clove oil and let it steep for four to five hours. Consume small amounts of this preparation at three hour intervals.
  • To some large black raisins, add some sugar. Also drop some black pepper powder and grind all the ingredients to form a paste. Eat a single tablespoon of this paste twice a day.

Make bottle gourd a part of your tuberculosis diet. It is an effective tuberculosis remedy that helps your immune system fight tuberculosis.

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