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What is Urticaria?

Hives, medically termed as urticaria, is a skin condition that cause raised, red itchy rings Urticaria Symptoms can be relieved with Urticaria Home Remediesor patches on the skin surface of any or all parts of your body.

These unhealthy formations on the skin are a result of an allergic reaction. In response, your body releases a chemical substance called histamine that causes the skin to develop red itchy rings, welts or patches.

Urticaria causes can include anything that you are allergic to. It can be a certain medicine, nut, eggs, insect bite, extreme temperatures or sweat. This skin condition can also be hereditary in nature.

Common urticaria symptoms include swelling & itching of the affected area. Urticaria or hives can nonetheless, be treated with effective treatment measures at home with home & natural remedies for urticaria.

Urticaria Home Remedies & Natural Treatments

It is very easy to prepare & follow these useful remedies to get rid of the itching and irritation that hives can cause – in an effective, safe & economical way.

Here are some of the effective urticaria home remedies:

To a bathtub filled up to half level mark with lukewarm water, add half cups baking soda & cornstarch. Let your body soak in this solution, an effective home remedy for urticaria, for half an hour.

Make a thick paste by mixing three tablespoons cornstarch & two cups oatmeal in some water. Apply generous coats of this paste on hive affected areas and let the coat stay for about half an hour after which you can rinse it off with cool water.

Urticaria causes itching. Mix a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to one teaspoon of olive oil & apply on affected areas. This is an effective urticaria natural treatment that works to reduce the itching & also heal the hives.

Apply milk of magnesia on your hives multiple times throughout the day as part of urticaria remedies. It helps bring relief from irritation & itching.

Aloe vera gel can be used as a beneficial remedy to cure urticaria. Apply a thick coat of this gel on affected area to attain relief from urticaria symptoms such as itching.

A natural remedy for urticaria is to apply Vitamin E oil directly on the hives at least two times daily.

Among popular urticaria remedies to cure your hives is to apply cool compresses. Alternatively, you can take cool showers to treat urticaria.

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