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You can suffer from vertigo when the posterior semicircular canals located in the inner Vertigo Causes short time of dizziness can be relieved with its Cureear get damaged.

During a bout of vertigo you can experience intense dizziness & feel as though everything around you is spinning, whirling or moving in a circular motion.

This can make you suffer from a loss of balance, making you more prone to falls and injuries. Viral or bacterial infections of the inner ear, Meniere’s disease & labyrinthitis are some of the vertigo causes.

You can suffer from some prominent symptoms of vertigo such as nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness & abnormal eye movements.

Vertigo can be mild and temporary or it can be intense and become worrisome. If your vertigo causes symptoms that lead to trauma or great discomfort, it is best to get it treated with professional medical help.

Nonetheless, for mild bouts of vertigo, you can try some vertigo home remedy and natural treatments along with some exercises for vertigo to get relief from its symptoms.

Home & Natural Vertigo Remedies & Treatment

Benefit from these effective remedial measures & vertigo natural treatment that are also easy to follow, safe, economical and can even aid you in achieving a vertigo cure.

Here are some of the effective vertigo remedies:

  • When you suspect a bout of vertigo is about to happen, keep your eye focused on a stationary object, such as a cupboard or table. Focusing on a fixed point will deliver visual cues to your brain & aid in achieving balance. It will also relieve your symptoms of vertigo such as dizziness.
  • To ease vertigo dizziness, add some coriander seeds to a glass of water and let steep overnight. In the morning, strain the steeped liquid and consume.
  • Quick, jerky movements of the head and neck can make you suffer from a vertigo attack. Avoid jerks happening to your neck or head.
  • The best among exercises for vertigo is to lie down flat on your back at the onset of vertigo symptoms. While lying down flat, prop your head up with a soft pillow.
  • Slow down your body movement to combat effects of vertigo. This will also make you less prone to falls and injury during a vertigo attack.

Also, eating protein & vitamin rich foods and avoiding iced tea, coffee, chocolates & oily foods can aid in achieving a sustained vertigo cure.

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