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What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo also known as leucoderma is a skin condition where you experience whiteBest Cure for Vitiligo is its Remedies and Diet for Vitiligo patches on surface of your skin due to a loss of skin pigmentation. This condition is found more commonly in women & affects skin surface of the face, lips, wrists, hands, neck and feet.

Prominent white patches of de-pigmented skin are among the most common symptoms of vitiligo.

Excessive mental stress, burn injuries, a parasite or worm infection of the alimentary canal or a defective sweat mechanism are some of the vitiligo causes. Another cause cited for this condition is heredity.

Treatment and cure for vitiligo mostly involve medications applied topically but none the same, can be treated with vitiligo home remedies & natural treatments.

Natural & Home Vitiligo Remedies

These remedial measures require patience and have to be exercised for a period of time to take effect and work as a cure for vitiligo.

Symptoms of vitiligo respond differently to treatment and can vary from person to person. It depends on the location, size and extent of white patches.

Here are some of the effective vitiligo remedies:

  • Grind two tablespoons of radish seeds into powdery form. To this powder add a couple teaspoons of vinegar. Mix and form into a paste. Apply twice a day onto affected area before rinsing off with plain water.
  • Mix half glass each of fresh cucumber & alfalfa juices. Drink the concoction twice a day. Include this natural remedy, once weekly, in your diet for vitiligo.
  • Steep some tamarind & psoralea seeds in water for three days. Dry & grind the soaked seeds to make a thick paste. Dab this vitiligo home remedy paste on affected areas, regularly.
  • Vitiligo causes patches of skin to lose its color. Neem oil can be applied on affected areas to reverse this skin discoloration. Studies have shown internal use of neem leaves to be beneficial in treating this condition.
  • Prepare black gram powder & add some water to form into a paste. Apply on affected areas & then have a wash after it dries out. Continue this remedial measure for about three months or until you see positive results.
  • To treat vitiligo, prepare and apply ginger leaf poultice on white skin patches.

Besides being balanced and healthy the diet for vitiligo should also include green tea, olive oil & black pepper.

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One Response to “Vitiligo”

  1. Ayur health
    April 10, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Vitiligo is a long lasting disease which causes skin lightening in the form of patches. It takes place when melanin producing cells die or are unable to operate. It occurs due to the loss of pigment and affects one in every two hundred people. The people, who are affected by vitiligo develop white patches on their skin. It affects the people of all races and ages equally.

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