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Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are a healthy and simple but rich dietary source of food that can be included in Methodizing digestion process & calcium level are major Benefits of Bananasyour daily diet. The low content of calories in bananas is a boon for those on a diet.

Here are Some Benefits of Bananas:

The high dietary fiber content in bananas regulates your digestion process, prevents overeating as well as maintains healthy blood sugar.

In addition, banana also promotes absorption of calcium in your body. It also promotes manufacture of digestive enzymes and vitamins that in turn aids your body’s ability to ingest nutrients, & among banana health benefits including significant banana carbs content.

Bananas help protect the digestive tract from acids by producing mucus thus creating a healthy barrier.

Secondly, inhibitors that break down bacteria growth which can cause ulcers are present in banana.

The negative health effects of conditions such as constipation and diarrhea can be diminished by eating bananas.

Research reveals the risk of kidney cancer is decreased in women who consume bananas more than six times a week.

Your body is able to burn off calories in bananas with greater efficiency that helps in lowering the nutritional value.

Potassium in Bananas for You

Banana contains potassium that helps in keeping your blood pressure at normal levels that is turn lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.

The potassium in bananas also prevents your bones from weakening and developing osteoporosis.

The potassium helps neutralize sodium in foods and aids in retaining healthy amount of calcium inside your body.

The potassium also helps build muscles and aids in protein synthesis. Potassium in bananas helps compensate electrolytes lost due to frequent stools.

Banana Nutrition Facts in Brief

Sodium, fat and cholesterol is absent in bananas. Banana is rich in vitamin C, fiber and potassium content. Bananas have more carbohydrates or banana carbs as compared to other fruits.

Natural sugars contain fructose. Banana also contains a good amount of fiber. This is among banana nutrition facts as to why banana intake instantly increases your body’s energy level.

Another important mineral is vitamin B6 that aids the immune system in synthesizing of antibodies. It also helps in production of red blood cells and healthy functioning of your central nervous system.

Banana contains more amounts of carbohydrates or banana carbs than any other fruit. This easily digestible carbohydrate burns calories in banana quickly compared to calories contained in protein and fat.

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