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The Tamarind Fruit

Tamarind is a very useful fruit that is used raw, in culinary dishes, for medicinal Application of Tamarind Paste on affected part on inflammation gives better resultspurposes.

The mature tamarind fruit is encapsulated in a hard brown pod. The young tamarind fruit is green and contains pulp that is sour and acidic.

The ripened fruit has fleshy pulp that is brown in color, is sweeter and less sour. It contains calcium, vitamin B, sugar and acid in good proportions and is also used to prepare tamarind sauce.

Tamarind Health Benefit for You

Tamarind contains many nutritional agents and has numerous health benefits. It helps replenish vitamin C levels in those with such deficiency.

In addition, tamarinds have wide uses in ayurvedic medicine as a blood purifier and to cure digestive problems.

Tamarind sauce is a popular additive in many foods. It used in preparations of many culinary dishes for its rich taste.

Here are some of The Many Tamarind Benefits:

  • Tamarind pulp is useful as a mild laxative. Two tablespoons of tamarind pod pulp in the evening acts as a gentle laxative that improves movement of your bowels.
  • A decoction prepared by boiling tamarind leaves proves useful for treating jaundice & ulcer.
  • For heat & sun strokes, travel sickness, datura poisoning and acute constipation – tamarind pulp is said to be very effective.
  • Tamarind water is very useful to treat disorders of the bile. Its acidic nature excites the bile along with other juices in your body.
  • Benefit of tamarinds includes its leaves that can be used to prepare herbal tea to relieve symptoms of malaria.
  • Diluted form of tamarind decoction is said to help destroy stomach worms for children.
  • Tamarinds are also beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels of your body. Used on a daily basis, it is also useful to promote a healthy heart.
  • You can relieve sore throat symptoms by gargling with diluted form of tamarind pulp.
  • Preparations of eye drops from tamarind seeds are used as traditional medicine   for treatment of dry eye syndrome.
  • For inflammation, application of tamarind paste or pulp directly on the affected part gives effective results.
  • Tamarinds are a rich source for antioxidants and this property can make it useful in fighting cancers.
  • Extractions of tamarind flowers are used to treat piles. Tamarind paste is used for drawing boils.

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