11:48 am - Wednesday February 20, 2019

Acne Bacteria – Possible Cause for Infections

A bacterium that causes common acne which is found on skin surface is now known to Common Acne causes inflamed red lesions called pimples on Skin Surfacecause infections all over the body. Infection with P. acnes or Propionibacterium acnes has been linked with infections of artificial joints and heart valves (endocarditis) and also eye infections and chest infections that are seasonal in nature.

Acne is a very common skin disease which causes pimples over your skin surface and causes contamination of skin. It is a common skin condition found largely among young teenagers & adults that causes inflammation and pain.

Pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts are common skin disease and types of acne, often referred to as zits in slang. Most pimples are found to be filled with material that is pus-like that affects the outer layer of the skin.

Researchers previously thought the detection of P. acnes at the site of such infections was particularly due to contamination of skin. For example, infection caused at a site within the body could have been caused by bacteria that get transferred to an open wound from the skin during an operation or other scenarios.

Recent research has suggested something different, suggesting P. acnes which is known to be already present in the body, may be the prime cause. Although it is often disregarded as being harmless when found in blood or tissue swabs procured from patients, possibility of this bug being the cause should  not be overlooked in the diagnosis of disease.

People who are not properly diagnosed or wrongly diagnosed may develop complications of their infection if during treatment, the wrong bug is targeted. It becomes vital that infection with P. acnes is taken into account and the public is made aware of this bug that is often overlooked.

“It is important to recognize that this organism has the ability to grow slowly inside our body cells as well as on the surface of medical devices in the body. It has long been associated with common acne, where it contributes to the inflammation and pain. Recent studies show that it might also be involved in other important conditions such as prostate cancer,” says Professor Peter Lambert, expert in P. acnes infection from Aston University.

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